8 things your house remodeling contractor won’t tell you

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Hiring a remodeling contractor is a no-brainer if you are looking for an entire overhaul. But even the best in the business don’t tell you everything. So, here are 8 things your house remodeling contractor won’t tell you. While some of these are everyday things that you already know, some might come across as shocking.

They will not be in your house every day: The reality of the remodeling industry is that a general contractor has to juggle between two jobs to earn their living. Unless it’s a large-scale project that needs their full attention,Guest Posting house remodeling contractors juggle between jobs and won’t be present in your house all day long. Most remodeling contractors don’t tell this because they don’t want to scare new homeowners. Make sure you know when your contractor is coming in establish regular communication with guys working for you.
You are the odd man out: This mostly happens when some minor problem arises during your house remodeling. A contractor is more likely to defend their subcontractors than acknowledge the minor problem they made. The reason for this is that contractors depend on subcontractors to work around the year. And since each is directly dependent on the other to make a living, a contractor is less likely to throw their subcontractor under the bus.
Jack of all trades: There’s a hidden line to that statement. They are also masters of none. A general contractor cannot perform all the work associated with house remodeling. This is why they hire subcontractors to do the job for them. Most homeowners only cross-check their contractors before hiring them but don’t consider much about the sub-contractors. Make sure you check that your sub-contractors are licensed and know what they are doing. This is especially crucial for jobs like a technician or an electrician.
Checking their credentials is hard: How do you check the credentials of a house remodeling contractor? You could always see their license but anything other than that remains a mystery. Trying to figure out whether your guy has a criminal record or a bad credit rating can be an absolute nightmare for homeowners. And believe it or not, these things need to be considered before you hire a house remodeling contractor. Try to find out if your contractor is bonded. If they are and they don’t finish the work, you are covered up to $12,500. But if they’re not, that’s that. If you are serious about running a background check, you can spend an extra $75 to try and figure out the credit rating of a future contractor.
You get what you paid for: When it comes to house remodeling, you get what you paid for. If you hire a cheap remodeling contractor, they will do a shoddy job. But that doesn’t mean the high-end remodeling contractors will not rip you off. When selecting the right remodeling contractor, you want to look at what each remodeling contractor offers at their different price points. Ask remodeling contractors why they have included certain services or why certain services are not on their list.
They won’t design: You don’t get a designer at the price of a contractor. That’s just how house remodeling works. Your contractor is not going to help you figure out what looks great and what doesn’t. They are simply there to do their job. While some of it is laziness, other is the fear of adding costs. Designing costs extra, and remodeling contractors are scared of adding additional charges on your final price. Due to this, your remodeling contractor won’t probably ask you what you want to prioritize during remodeling. If you’re going to optimize your space, you need to hire a designer.
Things won’t always be pretty: Once you have figured out the exciting parts of your remodeling, like the colors and the countertops, you need to get to the nitty-gritty, and it’s not always pretty. You need to start figuring out the best time duration for your contractor to get to work and during what hours they can use noisy remodeling equipment; these decisions are essential if you want to get your remodeling started and completed smoothly.
They will probably install a furnace that’s too big: While installing a furnace, a contractor always risks the chance of making it too small and you calling them back to fix it. So instead of making it too small or average size, they go for the oversized furnaces. Building a big furnace expends loads of unwanted energy from your house. Try to measure the energy output of your house and determine a furnace that’s neither too big nor too small.

When it comes to house remodeling, the more you know, the better. Make sure you hold an honest dialogue with your contractor and know about everything you are getting into. Is the contract to your liking? Do you like the sub-contractors? Is your remodeling contractor offering you the right value for your money? Do they have the license to carry out the remodeling contract? Minor details like that make-up for a large portion of how your remodeling will be carried out.


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